Living Democracy

Spot 1: Living Democracy (basic module, 1:16 min)
The fact that we live in a democracy is not a matter of course. Not all that long ago there were two inhuman dictatorships in Germany, one after the other: the dictatorship of the National Socialists from 1933 to 1945, and afterwards, until 1989, that of the Communists in the German Democratic Republic. People like us, who have been living in a free and democratic country for a long time, take civil liberties and human rights for granted, and it’s too easy to underestimate how precious and fragile they are.  So we must be on our guard, because democracy is not guaranteed for all time.  It can be lost all too quickly. What’s important is to win hearts and minds and to encourage people to support and live democracy. That’s the mission of the Baden-Württemberg State Centre for Civic Education. Because democracy needs civic education in order to thrive.